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VeloBind 3 PRO-9707102 Velo Binding Machine, Binds Books Up To 3" Thick

SKU: GBC-9707102

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GBC VeloBind System 3 Pro is one of the most common Velobinders. VeloBind System Three produces distinctive Velobound secure documents that convey quality and professionalism. VeloBinding with this GBC electric VeloBinder is the perfect for low to moderate volume users who desire a secure professional binding style. VeloBind is the most secure style of document binding. Velobind is often used in law offices, accounting agencies, and government offices. 
Velobinding a document produces permanent bind that is heat sealed. The VeloBind spine cannot be opened & reclosed without a Velobind Machine. This means that a Velobound document cannot be tampered with. Velobound documents are also secure from prying eyes. The Velobound material is held tightly between the Velobind Strip Sets so it lays closed & will not lay flat open. 

GBC VeloBind System 3 Pro Qualities:
Velobind spines cannot be opened & reclosed
Velobind lays closed & will not lay flat open
Velobind Will not get crushed in the mail

VeloBind Limitations:
Velobind bound documents do not lay open flat.

What is the Most important quality of Velobind?

The Velobind spine cannot be opened & reclosed without a Velobind Machine 
making it the most secure binding style.

Features of this GBC Electric VeloBinder:

  • Built-in debind function lets you edit presentations
  • Ready light indicates when system is ready to use
  • Extra-large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
  • Adjustable paper alignment guide
  • Binds sheets up to a 14" binding edge 
  • Binds documents up to 3" thick.
  • An auto punch selector lets you choose between three different punching options: push button, automatic sensor, or foot pedal.
  • Bind speed indicator adjusts bind speed to document thickness.
  • Integrated debind feature lets you add or delete pages effortlessly after the document is bound.
  • Dimensions 13.5H x 22.5W x 18D


The Velobind System Three is also known as: Court, Law, or Legal Velobinder, Gestetener, Velo 3, System III, 3” Velobinder, Secure Bind, Sure binder & Hot Knife binder, or sometimes by its GBC item number : 9707102.

GBC VeloBind System 3 Pros come in Black.

The GBC System 3 machine uses 1 x 11, 2 x 11, and 3 x 11 binding strip sets. To order Velobind System 3 by GBC product code number: 9707102 please call our friendly VeloBind 3 specialists at 1-866-455-9900