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Shrink Wrap Film

Shrink Wrap Film Rolls is a key part to any shrink wrapping operation, and come in many sizes, materials, and even different colors! You'll find all the rolls and bags you need here, and they are compatible with all heat guns, shrink tunnels, and other similar machines.

Shrink packaging film sheets come in 3 different kinds of materials in roll or bag form (shrink wrap bags coming online soon!). The shrink wrap rolls are great for high quantity and quality packaging, and accommodate all kinds of sizes of items. If you're packaging items of identical or similar sizes, we also have shrink wrap bags that come in various sizes.

The differences between the three types of materials are as follows: Standard Polyolefin is a multi-layer, co-extruded film. It is a versatile and effective solution, and provides a nice balance between PVC and Ultra Polyolefin materials.

Ultra Polyolefin is similar to standard, but performs extra well with sharp corners and hard to wrap items. It is designed to perform perfectly under tough shrink conditions and provides a quick shrink with a strong seal strength.

PVC Film is an economical and high quality solution. It will rebound to its original shape, and seals at a lower temperature than the polyolefin materials for fast production times. You may recognize it best by the sound it makes after opening the package and crinkling it.

Both types of Polyolefin films are available in FDA approved types. Have questions about the various types of shrink wrap rolls or bags, or looking for something in particular? Give our shrink film roll specialists a call at 1-866-455-9900 for friendly help and answers today!

41 Products

Item #: SWSR1475
Shrink Wrap 14 inch x 75 Gauge 500'
Item #: ASR75G1475
Shrink Wrap Film - 14 inch - 75 gauge
Item #: ASR14100
Shrink Wrap film 14"x 100 Gauge
Item #: SWSR1675
Shrink Wrap 16 inch x 75 Gauge 500'
Item #: ASR16100
Shrink Wrap 16inch - 100 Gauge
Item #: SWSR1875
Shrink Wrap 18 inch x 75 Gauge 500'
Item #: ASR1875
Shrink Wrap - 18 inch - 75 gauge
Item #: ASR24752000
Shrink Wrap 24 inch X 75 Gauge x 2000'