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PVC Shrink Wrap Film Rolls

PVC Shrink Wrap Film is a great economical and quality shrink wrap that is designed for a large variety of uses. With its speed and versatility, this PVC shrink film comes in many sizes and colors including green, gold, and red for packaging all kinds of items. Used to protect all kinds of items ranging from print jobs, products, and other items, these rolls provide a strong protective barrier to keep away fingerprints, dust, scratches, moisture, and prevent tampering.

With widths starting at 10" and up to 24" wide, there are rolls in lengths ranging from 500' to 2000' long.

This PVC shrink film is available in 75 and 100 gauge depending on the thickness you prefer. If you're looking for a fast shrinking and cost effective film for your packaging, you'll enjoy the benefits PVC shrink wrap has to offer. With its low temperature shrinking ability, these rolls can be used with all kinds of machines. Whether you're shrink wrapping multiple or individual items, PVC film is a great choice.

Looking for a special color, size, or length of PVC film or have questions about shrink wrapping? We are here to help and we'll make sure all your questions are answered and will help to find the best film for you. Call one of our friendly specialists today at 1-866-455-9900!

30 Products

Item #: SWSR1275
Shrink Wrap 12 inch x 75 Gauge 500'
Item #: SWSR1475
Shrink Wrap 14 inch x 75 Gauge 500'
Item #: ASR75G1475
Shrink Wrap Film - 14 inch - 75 gauge
Item #: ASR14100
Shrink Wrap film 14"x 100 Gauge
Item #: SWSR1675
Shrink Wrap 16 inch x 75 Gauge 500'
Item #: ASR16100
Shrink Wrap 16inch - 100 Gauge
Item #: SWSR1875
Shrink Wrap 18 inch x 75 Gauge 500'
Item #: ASR1875
Shrink Wrap - 18 inch - 75 gauge
Item #: ASR24752000
Shrink Wrap 24 inch X 75 Gauge x 2000'