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Padding Glue and Accessories

Padding Glue and Accessories are key elements to keep your padding production running smoothly. We carry a full line of paper padding adhesives and padding tools for all kinds of padding uses and materials (even the hard to find items!).

Our padding glues come in 3 main types: Standard Padding Compound (one good coat is all you need), Fast Drying Glue (dries extra fast for high production), and Fan-A-Part (designed for carbonless paper, including NCR and Mead brand paper).

Padding accessories include a wide variety of items like padding brushes (used to apply glue), pad counters (quickly count paper pads), separating knives (slips between pads to separate them using a carbon steel blade), and other equipment to make the padding process easier.

Choosing the best glues and accessories for you doesn't have to be difficult, we can help you find all the right items you need and answer any questions you have. Our padding adhesive and supplies specialists are ready to answer your call at 1-866-455-9900!

18 Products