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MBM AJ 700 Air Feed Floor Model Jogger - JO0795



MBM AJ 700 Air Feed Floor Model Jogger - JO0795

The MBM AJ 700 is an air feed type jogger. The air feed sends air between all the sheets to quickly jog thousands of sheets quickly. The air flow also eliminates powder buildup to keep things mess-free. Press sheets and digitial prints and copies can be air dried right away to prevent offset and smudging.

The AJ 700 has options for air feed only and vibrate only operation, giving you the ability to choose your preferred method for the paper and prints you are working with. The V shaped table can be adjusted to various angles for easy processing. Jogging helps reduce and eliminate mis-feeds and double feeds in all kinds of paper processing equipment including copiers, folders, printers, and collators.

With a 4" tray thickness, you can process hundreds or thousands of sheets in mere seconds. The AJ 700 has options for switch based or foot pedal operation, and features an automatic timer as well. Need to move around the jogger? Easy glide casters let you move or store the unit with ease. Durability is ensured with the all metal construction and heavy duty design.

Machine Specifications:

Paper Size:5" x 7 3/8" to 12 7/8" x 17 3/4"
Dimensions (DxWxH):17" x 22" x 45 1/4"
Sheet Capacity:1,000 (depending on paper or material)
Power Supply:115 V, 60 Hz