3:1 Pitch Wire-O Binds

3:1 Wire-O Binds are available for medium and small sized books and offer a compact, clean look for documents up to around 120 pages. If you are looking for a professional & classy finish, you can't go wrong with these wire binds. With a full selection of sizes, colors, and lengths, there is a wire bind for every document. Use these with any Wire Binding Machine that works with 3:1, and then pair it with Presentation Binding Covers for a high-class finish. We also have Pre-Punched Wire Bind Paper & Covers. Check out our Wire Size Chart: What size of Wire Binds do I need?

These 3:1 Pitch Wire Binds have 3 loops per 1" of bind. This gives a nice look for medium to small size books due to having more loops per inch (as compared to 2:1 Wire). These Wire Binds can be custom cut to length if you need something different than letter size (11"), and come in many colors for all kinds of binding uses.

With 3:1 wire bind sizes ranging from 1/4" to 9/16", you can bind books up to approximately 100 to 130 pages (depending on paper and cover thickness). Popular with real estate, legal, offices, and anywhere a classy looking bind is needed, these wire binds are made out of top quality wire for extra durability.

Interested in a certain color or length of 3:1 Wire-O Binds? Have questions about wire binding in general? Give one of our friendly Wire Bind Specialists a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions and get you the Wire-O you need today at 1-866-455-9900!

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