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  • GBC Spire III 64Ct - 64" Cold with Top Heat Assist Wide Format Laminator - 1737176

GBC Spire III 64Ct - 64" Cold with Top Heat Assist Wide Format Laminator - 1737176

SKU: GBC-Spire-III-64Ct
Replaced by the Tamerica TCC 1655 HC 65" Wide Format Hot and Cold Laminator

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The GBC Spire III 64Ct is part of a new line of GBC laminators that are designed to be versatile and heavy duty. With it's 64" laminating width, heat sensitive media abilities, and many other amazing features, the Spire III Ct is built to impress.

This top of the line machine features sleek yet durable, all steel design and capabilities found in only premium machines. Created to protect heat sensitive media and equipped with top heat assist for the best quality output, the Spire III 64Ct promises improved productivity, versatility and quality – all at a great price. 

Featuring run speeds up to 20 feet per minute and 2" mounting capabilities, the Spire III 64Ct makes laminating, mounting displays, and tradeshow graphics easier than ever.

  • Simple, intuitive control panel with LED pressure readout
  • Infinite adjustments for operator comfort
  • Swing-up front feed table and extra large fixed rear and output table facilities roll changing and feeding
  • 20 feet per minute laminating capability
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation
  • Up to 64" wide laminating and mounting capabilities
  • Optional unwind and rewind
Item Number1737176
Maximum Laminating Width64"
Unwinds / RewindsTop - 1 Unwind, 1 Rewind
Bottom Front - 1 Unwind, 1 Optional Unwind
Top Rear - Optional Rewind
Lower Rear - 1 Rewind
Maximum Speed20 ft./min., Variable
Nip Roller Diameter4"
Maximum Mounting Gap2"
Type of Roller Pressure Adjust.Infinite cranks handle with scale indicator for gap and LED pressure readout
Protective Shield (Main Rollers)Photo Eye
Foot SwitchYes
Type of Supply Shafts2 Drop-In Autogrip
2 Drop-In Multicore Media
Additional Autogrip and Multicore Media Available
Maximum Film Outside Diameter10"
Digital KeypadYes
Front Feed TableSwing Up
Drive SystemSprocket & Chain
Rear Cut OffOptional
Roll-to-Roll CapabilitiesYes
Available StandStandard
Weight803 lbs - Free Shipping Included!
Dimensions: (W x L x H)81.2" x 31.5" x 55.91"
Voltage/Amperage115 VAC, 12 Amp (NEMA 5-15)

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