5 Mil 38" x 200' x 2.25" Core Lamination Roll

SKU: LR0538200-2.25

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Roll , 5 Mil Lamination, 38" x 200' x 2.25" core

Lamination rolls are essential to keeping your roll laminator running smoothly. These 5 Mil 38" rolls are 200' long, and have a Gloss finish. These lam rolls will fit in all laminators that use standard film with a 2.25" Core size.

This laminating film is made of a combination of quality polyester & adhesive that makes up the total 5 Mil thickness. This will keep your sheets permanently laminated and protected from the elements, splashes, and more. These rolls have been used by many of our customers in schools, print shops, professional offices, and industrial work environments.

We can help you load the rolls if you have any questions, including temperature, speed, and recommendations for use. If you need a similar size or type of lamination film rolls, talk to one of our friendly Lamination Experts at 1-866-455-9900 and we'll get you exactly what you need.