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Up to 30" Guillotine Paper Cutters

These guillotine trimmers range from 12" and go up to 30" long, making them perfect for many sizes of materials. Their easy to use hand operated style is efficient, and many models come with extra features like adjustable guides, stands, cabinets, and much more. We also have replacement blades for your machine, and precise rotary paper trimmers for all your paper trimming needs.

These hand operated guillotine trimmers are often used in schools, copy shops, other businesses, and many similar places where a versatile trimming solution is needed. Our wide variety of machines have extra safety features to ensure quick and safe use. Guillotine paper trimmers are best used for cutting and trimming large sheets of paper in small to medium quantities.

Many of these trimmers feature replaceable blades and cutting mats/sticks, which makes maintenance simple and ensures long lasting use. Proper alignment is easy, as they come with a board that has measurements integrated into it and some even have standard paper sizes marked as well.

Whether you're looking for a ClassicCut, Kutrimmer, OffiTrim, GuilloMax, or other style cutter/trimmer, we have you covered. Photos can be cropped to perfection, paper cut to size, lamination trimmed to fit, and much more.

Have questions about a machine you see here or looking for a specific size or features? Our Paper Trimming Specialists are ready to answer any questions and will help you find the best machine for all your paper cutting needs at 1-866-455-9900.

16 Products