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Corner Rounder Dies and Accessories

Corner rounding dies and accessories include a wide variety of metal dies, add-ons, and accessories to enhance what you can do with your corner rounder. Whether you need a different kind or replacement die, or something to expand your abilities, you've come to the right place!

Our dies come in round corner, straight, half moon, slot punch, and other configurations for special uses. Many die blades come with a blade pad and base for the machines that use them. Made out of high quality metals, these dies are built to last and cut through materials with ease.

Accessories and add-on corner rounding tools include items like radius selector guides, depth stop guides, work desks, plastic pads, and more. With brands like GBC, Lassco Wizer, Tamerica, and Akiles, you'll find everything you need for your machine right here.

Have a question about an item you see below or looking for particular corner rounding tools? Our machine and accessory specialists are here to help, ready to answer questions, and get you the right items for your machine at 1-866-455-9900.

3 Products