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Postmark Model 3066 Automatic Letter Opener

SKU: PM-Model-3066


The Postmark Model 3066 is an Automatic Letter Opener capable of opening up to 28,000 envelopes per hour. With a simple, easy to use design, the 3066 is designed to provide years of high quality operation.

The Milling Cutter Technology protects the contents from being cut or damaged, and also prevents paper cuts by creating a soft feathered edge. The cutter removes up to 1/8" (3 mm) of the envelope edge, and turns the removed material into tiny paper chips, which are conveniently sent to the included waste bin for mess free use. In addition to the soft edge created after cutting, it also makes accessing the contents very easy.

The mixed thickness separator ensures that only a single envelope pass through the cutter at a time, which helps with separation and improves the cut quality while maintaining incredible speed. This gives you the ability to open up to 28,000 envelopes up to 1/4" (6 mm) thick per hour with ease. The entire system is made to process small and large envelopes and flats alike.

Made with a solid metal construction, using top quality steel, the Model 3066 features two heavy duty motors for rock-solid performance and long lasting use. This Automatic Letter Opener (ALO) is easy to use and features a resettable counter for worry-free counting.


Machine Size:Length: 42" (1070mm) Depth: 30" (750mm) Height: 42" (1065mm)
Envelope Size:All sizes and types. Max Thickness: 1/4" (6 mm)
Depth of Cut:From 0 (no cut) up to 1/8" (3 mm)
Feeder Capacity:Approx. 100 Envelopes
Receiving Tray Capacity:Approx. 100 Envelopes
Speed:Theoretical: 28,000 Envelopes/Hour. Production: 10,000 Envelopes/Hour
(If you have a trained octopus as an operator, revert to the theoretical speed)
Other Items Included:Stand & Waste Bin
Power:120VAC - 2.65A or 230VAC - 1.25A
Weight:220 lbs (100kg) Free Shipping!