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Postmark MTF2 Mixed Thickness Feeder 2



The Postmark MTF2 is a heavy duty mixed thickness feeder capable of lightning fast speeds and built to last.

The MTF2 is a quality feeder that is a great solution for use with equipment that doesn't have a feeder or ones with an inferior feeder. The high speed and counting features makes it popular with copy shops, banks, insurance offices, and many other locations.

Whether you have a mail/postage machine, color printer, inserter, binding equipment, address printer, laminator, or another type of machine, this feeder with give you the speed you're looking for.

With no adjustments or guides to set, operation is easy, simply load and hit the go button! The specially designed separator ensures that only a single envelope passes through at a time to maximize separation and improves count accuracy.

With a variable feed speed of up to 32,000 envelopes per hour, the MTF2 feeds mixed mail up to 1/2" thick with ease. The entire machine is built to handle large flats and envelopes, giving you flexibility and taking your processing to the next level. With the simple, reliable design, this feeder will provide years of use.

The MTF2 features a solid metal construction throughout. Made of steel using the highest quality of components. Has two heavy duty motors for better performance and long life.

Some other features the feeder comes with are:

  • Resettable Counter
  • Batch Counter
  • Rate Counter
  • Lifetime Counter
  • On Demand Feeding
  • On Delay Feeding
  • Variable Speed


Machine Size:Length: 28" (710mm) Depth: 18" (463mm) Height: 13" (330mm)
Envelope Size:All sizes and types. Maximum Thickness: 1/2" (12mm)
Feeder Capacity:Approx. 100 Envelopes
Operational Speed:Theoretical: 32,000 Envelopes/Hour. Production: 10,000 Envelopes/Hour.
(If you have a trained octopus as an operator, revert to the theoretical speed)
Power:120 VAC (Standard US Wall Outlet) 88-132VAC (6.5A Max) or 176-264VAC (6.5A Max)
Weight:67 lbs (30kg) Free Shipping!