Custom Full Color Hardcover 60 Sheets Thermal Bind Book Covers 100 Covers

  • Your Full Color Artwork
  • 100 Covers
  • Covers for 8.5" x 11" Letter Size
  • Durable, Crimp-able Steel Spine


Custom Full Color Hardcover Thermal Bind Book Covers

Turn ordinary into extraordinary with UniBind’s fully customizable hardcover books. These custom hardcover books will surely make any presentation, document, and agenda stand out! These high-quality covers offer two premium finishes, with a velvet matte or glossy finish. As well, these hardcover books offer an adaptable solution for any home or office. UniBind’s custom hardcover books are the perfect solution for all of your branding needs. Easily create then deliver undoubtedly durable, beautiful, custom presentations with minimal effort.

UniBind offers these custom hardcover books in a variety of spine sizes. Easily bind documents from 15 to 160 pages in your own custom hardcover book.

(All page counts are based on #20/75gsm weight paper. Increased paper thickness will yield different results. Call us with any questions at 1-866-455-9900 for fast, friendly help.)


Deliver undeniably beautiful books designed by you.

Furthermore, UniBind also offers window cuts to customize your book. UniBind’s gloss finish is also able to add hot foil printing using our offset UniFoil Ribbon. Add your personal touch to your custom hardcover books individually with the UniFoil Printer.

To learn more about either foil stamping or window cut options, please contact one of our sales specialists by the "Contact Us" form or by calling us at 1-866-455-9900.


How To Use:

In order to begin the binding process, you will first insert your document and align it with the spine. Once you are completely satisfied with the alignment, place your prepared presentation on to one of our resin steel binding machines. UniBind additionally offers a variety of thermal binding systems to bind, crimp and cool your personal presentations. The spine of the custom hardcover books is made of steel in order to ensure a solid, durable bind. When coupled with either the UniBinder 8.2, UniBinder 8.1 or Unibinder 120, you can crimp the spine to create a strong and precise finish.



  • The steel U-spine guarantees a solid, durable bind
  • Easily crimp the spine for a perfect finish
  • Add or remove pages with ease
  • Additional customization with window cuts or foil stamping available
  • Sleek and professional look



  • Annual Reports
  • Board Meetings
  • Legal Documents
  • Meeting Books
  • Thesis
  • Contracts


Industries Best For:

  • Real estate
  • Finance
  • Education


Page Count


Inside Sheet





40 Page Hard Cover Template (Adobe Illustrator)

60 Page Hard Cover Template (Adobe Illustrator) (this size)

80 Page Hard Cover Template (Adobe Illustrator)