UniCover Hardcover Lay-Flat Book Letter-Size Spine 340 (281-340 Sheet Capacity) - 10 Pack

SKU: TB-25290LS34


UniCover Hardcover Lay-Flat Book Letter Size - 10 Pack

These UniCover hard thermal covers provide an easy way to make professional grade presentations. The strong and sleek cover comes in multiple colors, including Black, Dark Blue, Quartz (charcoal), Bordo (maroon / burgundy), Aluminum (silver), Azur (blue), White, Dark Green, and Glossy White.

The glue is pre-applied in the spine for a mess free and efficient way to bind. All you need to do is drop your papers into the hard cover, then place it in your Unibind thermal binding machine. Once the binding, crimping, and cooling process is done, you have a top quality presentation that will protect and impress.

Great For:

  • Business - Proposals, Reports, & More
  • Schools - Yearbooks, Academic Binding
  • Real Estate - Listings, Property Contracts, Info Packets
  • Financial - Investing, Insurance, Retirement, & other paperwork
  • Artists - Albums, Multipurpose Binding

We have a great selection of sizes to choose from so you can bind up to a total of about 350 pages (20lb Bond Paper - Standard) or 340 pages of 80gsm paper (21lb bond equivalent).

The UniCover Hard by UniBind is certainly a must-have presentation tool. Deliver unquestionably high-quality presentations while saving you time and money on production. These elegant hardcover books offer an undeniably beautiful finish that will leave your customers with a lasting impression. You can easily transform any document into a lasting presentation with these hardcover books.

We also offer full customization services including full-color designs, hot-foil stamping and hot-foil printing with our UniFoil Printer. You are additionally able to add a personal touch to our full-color books with UniBind's off set foil. Further add an elegant and personal touch to each presentation you deliver with minimal effort.


Color Options:Black, Dark Blue, Quartz, Bordo, Aluminum, Azur, White, Dark Green, White Glossy
Quantity Per Pack:10 Hard Covers

Choosing the right UniCover Hard Cover:

Item CodeDescriptionCovers Per BoxPage Capacity (20lb Paper)Page Capacity (32lb Paper)
PL-25290LS40Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 40104030
PL-25290LS60Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 60106040
PL-25290LS80Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 80108065
PL-25290LS10Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 1001010080
PL-25290LS12Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 1201012090
PL-25290LS16Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 16010160110
PL-25290LS19Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 19010190125
PL-25290LS22Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 22010220145
PL-25290LS80Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 28010280185
PL-25290LS34Unicover Hard Letter Size - Spine 34010340230


Customization Options:

Hot Foil Printing:

UniBind offers hot-foil stamping to compliment any of our products. Deliver a high-quality presentation by adding either your logo, name or more to your presentations. UniBind's hot-foil stamping can produce simple, single color stamps to complex multi-color stamps.

Window Cut Customization:

Personalize any presentation just by changing out the first page. UniBind offers window cuts that are certainly a value add to any presentation.


UniCover Hard Covers Product Number List:

Pages:BlackDark BlueBordoDark GreenAluminum (Silver)WhiteQuartzWhite GlossyAzur (Blue)
Spine 40:25290LS40BA25290LS40DB25290LS40BO25290LS40DG25290LS40AL25290LS40WH25290LS40IQ25290LS40WG25290LS40IA
Spine 60:25290LS60BA25290LS60DB25290LS60BO25290LS60DG25290LS60AL25290LS60WH25290LS60IQ25290LS60WG25290LS60IA
Spine 80:25290LS80BA25290LS80DB25290LS80BO25290LS80DG25290LS80AL25290LS80WH25290LS80IQ25290LS80WG25290LS80IA
Spine 100:25290LS10BA25290LS10DB25290LS10BO25290LS10DG25290LS10AL25290LS10WH25290LS10IQ25290LS10WG25290LS10IA
Spine 120:25290LS12BA25290LS12DB25290LS12BO25290LS12DG25290LS12AL25290LS12WH25290LS12IQ25290LS12WG25290LS12IA
Spine 160:25290LS16BA25290LS16DB25290LS16BO25290LS16DG25290LS16AL25290LS16WH25290LS16IQ25290LS16WG25290LS16IA
Spine 190:25290LS19BA25290LS19DB25290LS19BO25290LS19DG25290LS19AL25290LS19WH25290LS19IQ25290LS19WG25290LS19IA
Spine 220:25290LS22BA25290LS22DB25290LS22BO25290LS22DG25290LS22AL25290LS22WH25290LS22IQ25290LS22WG25290LS22IA
Spine 280:25290LS28BA25290LS28DB25290LS28BO25290LS28DG25290LS28AL25290LS28WH25290LS28IQ25290LS28WG25290LS28IA
Spine 340:25290LS34BA25290LS34DB25290LS34BO25290LS34DG25290LS34AL25290LS34WH25290LS34IQ25290LS34WG25290LS34IA