Tamerica TPI 4806 Heavy Duty Paper Cutter

SKU: TP-TPI-4806
Replaced by the Tamerica TPI-4900E 19.29" Programmable Paper Stack Cutter

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The Tamerica TPI 4806 has been replaced by the Tamerica TPI-4900E 19.29” Programmable Paper Stack Cutter.

The TPI-4900E is a 19.29" Programmable Paper Stack Cutter that has replaced the former TPI-4806. With a cutting capacity of 700 sheets (3.14" of paper per cycle!), you'll be able to trim / cut your sheets in no time.

One of the features we enjoy is being able to store 100 jobs at a time with up to 96 settings each. No more re-keying a project everytime it comes in, and viewing the current operation is easy with the 5" Touch Screen.

The 4900E puts safety first, and comes with an array of sensors to keep users safe. There is also an emergency stop knob if you need to shut down operation.

Technical Specs:

  • Max Cutting Length/ Width: 19.29"
  • Max Cutting Capacity: 3.14" (700 sheets)
  • Programmability: 100 Programs x 96 Settings
  • Micro Glide Back Gauge
  • 5" Touch Screen
  • Back Gauge Control Knob
  • Optical Cut Line
  • Safety Sensors/ Emergency Stop Knob
  • Weight: 419 lbs
  • Box/Shipping Dimensions: 42” x 39” x 36”
  • CE Approved
  • 1 Year Warranty

Details for the TPI 4806:

Tamerica TPI 4806 Heavy Duty Paper Cutter

The Tamerica TPI 4806 is a rock solid heavy-duty paper cutter. With a full safety package, 19" cutting length, 2.36" cutting thickness, and programmable system, this heavy-duty paper cutter will handle any job you need.


  • Automatic Clamping with Separate Motor
  • Fully Programmable Paper Push System
  • Optical Laser Cutting Line
  • Automatic Retractable Blade
  • Adjustable Blade Depth
  • Protective Acrylic Back Cover
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Protective Shield on both sides of the blade
  • Front Shield functions as Safety Lock
  • Digital Display for Measurement Read Out
  • Automatic Blade Return
  • Electro Mechanical Blade Drive


  • Model: TPI4806
  • Max. Cutting Length: 19”
  • Max. Cutting Thickness: 2.36”
  • Table Depth: 19”
  • Minimum Cutting Size: 1.57"
  • Max Cutting: 500 sheets per cut of 20 lb paper
  • Paper Pushing System: Programmable Pusher
  • Power: AC110 / 60Hz / 1300W
  • Dimensions: 36.81” x 29” x 48.62”
  • Weight: 330lbs - Free Shipping
  • Metal Cabinet Included
  • 1 Year Warranty