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SmartCut Straight Blade #9613RB



New replacement SmartCut Straight Blade #9613RB. These Swingline SmartCut replacement blades are sharp and fit the SmartCut & Account cutter 500 series, & GBC-500 trimmers.

The SmartCut Straight Blade #9613RB easy to install. Remove the 2 screws & replace the entire blade housing. Each Swingline SmartCut replacement blade comes with the metal housing attached.

These SmartCut Straight Blade #9613RB trimmer blades are individually packaged for safety. The SmartCut Straight Blade #9613RB trimmer blades fit the GBC AccuCut A530 pro 24” rotary trimmer GBC product # 9624, AccuCut A520pro 18” rotary trimmer GBC product # 9618, & Accu Cut A510pro 15” rotary cutter-trimmer GBC product # 9615. When you cut thicker stock or Accucut more documents then usual Accucut blade replacement may be necessary. New GBC Accucutter-SmartCut Straight Blade #9613RB replacement blades are available. New trimmer replacement blades can be sent today for the Accucut A-510, Accucut A-520, & Accucut A-530.

AccuCut - SmartCut Straight Blades or Swingline SmartCut replacement blades are often purchased in groups of 2 blades, keeping the second blade ready to switch out when the original blade goes dull. Having a spare sharp blade on hand will make the difference when cutting important pictures, posters & client artwork.

To order the Accucut-SmartCut Straight Blade #9613RB replacement blade for the, GBC A510 pro, GBC A520 pro, or GBC A530 pro Accucut trimmers by product number 1756600. Call 1-866-455-9900