Skyline SW-32 Shrink Wrap Machine 32" Sealer, Heat Gun included



The Skyline SW-32 Shrink Wrap Machine uses up to 32” wide shrink wrap to help put the finishing touch on all your projects. From copy shops, print shops, retail stores, and in-house production, you can use many sizes of shrink wrap to professionally package your products.

With the ability to package your products in seconds for less than 5 cents, you’ll be saving time and money! Protect from tampering, wasteful exposure, fingerprints, dirt, scratches, moisture, and much more. You can wrap all shapes and sizes of products, allowing customers to see what is being purchased. With the tough, transparent film, you can package multiple items together for even greater marketing flexibility!

All of our shrink wrap systems are safe, easy to use and operate on standard household electricity.


  • Large working base
  • Adjustable temperature heat shrink gun
  • Roller film dispenser
  • Complete isolation circuitry
  • Industrial quality construction
  • Built-in AC outlet
  • Needs only one outlet for the entire system!
  • 1 Year Warranty

Includes: Shrink Wrap Machine, Heat Gun, Integrated AC outlet for the heat gun, Tape & Wire Service Kit