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Logan 660-1 Framer's Edge Elite 60"

SKU: LG-660-1


Designed for serious volume artists and framers, the Framer's Edge mat cutter is a heavy duty, high production mat cutter with dual purpose straight and bevel cutting heads on a sturdy 3/4" MDF base. The movable production stop system allows for much faster repeat cuts than lower end machines, crucial for saving time and maximizing overall accuracy. Includes:

  • two quick change squaring arms - 9" (23cm) and 32" (81cm)
  • super smooth, ball bearing guided cutting head
  • 4 and 8 ply cutting ability
  • start and stop indicator
  • adjustable production stops
  • parallel mat guide with aluminum channels
  • 10 extra blades
  • free 96 page Home Picture Framing book

The Framer's Edge is for the serious volume artist or framer who has production repeat cuts to make, and for education environments with multiple users. A 40" (Logan 650-1) and a 48" (Logan 655-1) version are also available.

Uses 269 Replacement Blades and 268 Replacement Blades.

Logan 660-1
Logan makes tools for everyone.
Light Usage: designed for crafters & hobbyists
All Purpose Usage: ideal for artists, photographers, serious crafters
Heavy Duty Usage: engineered for high production implementations such as professional framers & educational facilties