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Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mat Cutter

SKU: LG-350-1


The Compact Elite is a versatile, portable, 32" (81cm) capacity mat cutter. It provides affordable and professional results and is a more feature-rich, deluxe version of 301-1 Compact Classic.

The 350-1 has a downsize capacity of 32" (81cm). It includes a parallel mat guide for setting border widths from 3/4" (1.9 cm) to 4-5/16" (11 cm), fully hinged guide rail to guide cutting heads, scaled production stops, built in squaring bar for holding mat board square, a 20" (51cm) measuring bar with stop, push style bevel cutting head with start and stop indicator, pull style straight cutting head for downsizing mat board and foam board, built-in carry handle in box, five extra blades, and a fully illustrated matting instruction guide. The 350-1 is ideal for lower volume at-home framers.

Uses 270 Replacement Blades.

Logan 350-1
Logan makes tools for everyone.
Light Usage: designed for crafters & hobbyists
All Purpose Usage: ideal for artists, photographers, serious crafters
Heavy Duty Usage: engineered for high production implementations such as professional framers & educational facilties