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We'd like to introduce you to the Akiles ProLam Ultra XL, a heavy duty pouch laminator designed to laminate large format documents. With an extra-large 18.9" width capacity, you now have the ease of pouch lamination for your oversized laminating.

There are three simple steps for great laminating results:

  1. Set your preferred temperature and speed
  2. Place your document into the pouch
  3. Feed the pouch into the laminator

No heavy roll films to load, no need to trim the finished product, and no wasted film! With an 18.9 inch width capacity the Akiles ProLam Ultra XL can laminate from business card size, to double letter size, to large format sizes with the option to run side by side projects. For even more productivity, the Akiles ProLam Ultra XL has a unique heated roller technology with six silicone rollers that efficiently distribute heat from the inner core to the roller surface, evenly melting the pouch laminate at it passes through. A flex tight spring system applies even pressure on the pouch laminator to produce crystal clear lamination each and every time. Whether you're laminating 3 Mil to 14 Mil pouches, the Akiles ProLam Ultra XL is sure to handle the job.

The laminator has the ability to memorize your unique settings; for instance if you mainly use pouches that are 5 Mil and 10 Mil thick, you can set your preferred temperature and speed and it is stored for your next run. An LCD control panel allows for ease of use. Hold the power button to turn the machine on, and a press of the heat button begins the warm up process. There are labeled buttons to adjust temperature and speed, a stop button, and a reverse button is also handy to avoid jams. The cold button will turn off the heat for use with pressure seal cold lamination pouches.

To laminate an 18" by 24" pouch, open the film and place your document inside. Once the ready light appears, insert your pouch into the opening. Crystal clear perfect lamination is that easy!

A patented cooling system keeps the laminator cool to the touch, and the machine comes with an auto shutoff function. To activate the Auto Shut-Off, simply hold down the power button to activate the cooldown mode. Once the rollers cool off, the machine will turn off on its own to help prolong the life of the laminator. All Akiles laminators come with a 1 Year Warranty. In case your machine needs repair, we will take care of parts and labor. For superior quality laminating and extra-wide capacity, the Akiles ProLam Ultra XL offers an easy and reliable solution for large format lamination.

  • Commercial Grade 6 or 10 Roller Laminators with Programmable Memory Settings
  • Programmable Memory Settings: Allows you to save the ideal temperature and speed for your most frequent projects.
  • Blazing Fast 10 Roller Heat System: The 10 roller heat system (X10 only) grants you one of the fastest laminating speeds in its class (i.e. 142" per minute). 6 heated rollers + 2 cold rollers + 2 ejector rollers guarantees professional grade results at blazing fast speeds.
  • Auto Shutoff: Automatically cools and shuts down the machine after usage, to prolong the life of your laminator.
  • Extra Large Opening: The 18.9" opening (XL only) allows you to laminate with extra large pouches (i.e. 18" x 24").
  • Removable Cover: Allows quick acccess to the roller with easy-to-remove thumb screws.
  • LCD Control Panel: Backlit LCD display with labeled keypad makes it easy to operate.
  • Setting Guide: Shows the recommend temperature and speed settings for different pouch thicknesses.
  • 13" and 18.9" Capacities: The large 13" (X6 / X10) or extra large 18.9" (XL) throat allows the machine to laminate a wide array of pouch sizes.
  • Air Cooling System: Patented internal cooling system ensures the laminator stays cool to the touch while in use.
  • Programmable Memory Settings: Memorize the ideal temperature & speed settings for your most frequently used pouches.

The Akiles ProLam Ultra-XL laminator possesses superior quality and functionality combined with commercial grade design. its multiple roller heat system produces professional, crystal-clear and bubble-free pouches every time.

ProLam Ultra:X6XLX10
Throat Capacity:13″ (330 mm)18.9″ (480 mm)13″ (330 mm)
Max Laminating Speed:59″ / min47″ / min142″ / min
Max Pouch Thickness:14 mil (350 mic)
Max Laminating Thickness:1/8″ (3 mm)
Heated Roller System:4 Hot / 2 Cold6 Hot / 4 Cold
Memory Settings:2 Programmable (Temperature & Speed)
Speed Control:9 Settings
Operating Temperature:32°F – 284°F32°F – 320°F
Dimensions:21″ x 10.5″ x 5″27.25″ x 10.5″ x 5″14″ x 25.75″ x 5.75″
Weight:35 lbs (16 Kg)44 lbs (20 Kg)57 lbs (26 Kg)
Power Consumption:1050 W1200 W1560 W
Warranty:1 Year