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book binding machineSkyline is a Major Distributor Offering a Complete Range of Document Binding Machines, Laminators and Supplies.

                     book binding supplies
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Welcome to Skyline Book Binding Machines & GBC Supplies

Skyline Book Binding Machines & GBC Supplies is a fast-growing company founded in 1998. We are a major distributor of high-quality document finishing equipment and supplies. We specialize in providing professional book binding machines, coil binding machines, lamination, and much more. 

We proudly distribute General Binding Corporation (GBC) supplies, the world’s leader in laminating and binding equipment and supplies. Our goal is to help you accomplish your personal, professional, and business needs with the best document finishing equipment possible. We believe important documents and presentations deserve to be properly protected and secured. 

Our highest priority is our valued customers. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service and ensuring your complete satisfaction with your product. We purchase in bulk straight from manufacturers. This allows us to offer our products at the most competitive price possible. 

At Skyline Book Binding Machines, our knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you with any questions you have purchasing book binding supplies, finishing equipment, and GBC supplies. Contact us today by calling 1 (886) 455-9900 or sending an email to customerservice@onlineskyline.com.


* Common types of presentation binding *

Each type has its own benefits & limitations.

gbc bindingVeloBind is the most secure style of document binding. Documents bound with Velobind Machines and Velobind Supplies are often used in law offices accounting agencies and government offices. 
Velobinding a document produces permanent bind that is heat sealed. The Velobind spine cannot be opened & re closed without a Velobind Machine. This means that a Velobound document cannot be tampered with. Velobound documents are also secure from prying eyes. The Velobound material is held tightly between the Velobind Strip Sets so it lays closed & will not lay flat open. 

VeloBind Qualities:
Velobind spines cannot be opened & reclosed.
Velobind lays closed & will not lay flat open.
Velobind will not get crushed in the mail.

VeloBind Limitations:
Velobind bound documents do not lay open flat.

What is the most important quality of Velobind?
The Velobind spine cannot be opened & re closed without a Velobind Machine 
making it the most secure binding style.

gbc binding machineCombBinding is the most common binding style. CombBinding is done with a Comb Binding Machines and Comb Binding Supplies. Comb Binds are durable and they allow the presentation to open up and rotate to be easily held open with one hand. Comb binds can be re-opened to allow pages to be added or removed from your document.  The Combbinder punches rectangular holes in the paper. For an 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper size there are 19 rectangular holes along the 11 inch edge. If you want to bind on the short edge of the letter size paper, there will be 15 rectangular holes on the binding edge of the paper. The Plastic comb binds come in different colors including Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, White, Hunter Green, Maroon, Lite Gray & Clear. Comb binds can be printed with company information and logos allowing your information to be seen and recognized when the presentation is on a shelf. Comb binding is the most economical binding style.  Comb bindings low cost makes it the choice for schools, office manuals and instruction booklets.

CombBind Qualities
Lowest cost binding.
Comb Binding Allows pages to be added or removed.
Comb Binding Allows the document to rotate open & back on itself.
Binding Combs are stocked in office product stores.
Binding Combs come in common colors that match the presentation covers.
CombBinds are customizable.

CombBind Limitations:
Comb bindings do not look expensive.
Combbinds can be opened easily & do not provide a secure document.

What is the Most important quality of a combbind?
They are the least expensive style of bind.


gbc velobindWire-O & WireBind is the choice for high end proposals & are often used by architects, real estate agents and anyone who wants to show the most professional image. Wire-O Binding is made on Wire Binding Machines with Wire-O Binding Supplies. Wire Binding adds a high quality look to your presentations. The Wire-O binds are the best looking style of binding. Their real metal construction look shows your clients that you are ready to provide high quality goods or services. Wire binding comes in two different hole punch patterns. Either Round holes or square holes. Presentations with up to 110 sheets of paper have a hole punch pattern of 3 holes per inch which measures to be 32 holes along the 11-inch edge of a letter size document. When your presentation is larger than 110 sheets of paper the hole pattern changes to 2 holes per inch. On these larger books there are 21 holes along the 11-inch binding edge of you document. If you want to bind on the 8-1/2 inch edge of the document, there would be 25 holes on a document that is 110 sheets of paper or less. On the larger books the hole pattern of 2 holes per inch would be 21 holes on the shorter binding edge.

Wire-O Bind Qualities:
Wire-O is made of metal.
Wire-O is available in shiny Silver, Bronze & Gold colors.
Wire-O allows the document to rotate open & back on itself.
Wire-O shows the most professional image.

Wire-O Bind Limitations:
when adding or replacing pages to your document the wire bind is not reusable.
Wire binds need to be protected from being smashed in the mail.

What is the most important quality of a Wire-O bind?
Wire-O bindings are the highest quality style of document binding.

Coil BindingCoil Binding is the newest style of document binding. It has a low cost. Coil binding looks great and can be easily packaged and mailed without damage. Coil bound documents are made with Coil Binding Machines and Coil Bind Supplies. Coil binding has a 4 to 1 hole punch pattern. It has 4 holes for each inch of paper. The coil binding has 44 holes down the 11 inch side of the presentation. Coil binds come in many colors to match your paper & presentation covers. The coil is easily wound into the holes to firmly hold your document together.

Coil Bind Qualities:
Coil binds are not costly.
Coil binds are available in many colors.
Coil binds will not get crushed in the mail.
Coil binds allows the document to rotate open & back on itself.
Coil bound books can have pages added or removed easily.

Coil Bind Limitations:
Coil binding is not recommended for books over 2 inches thick.
What is the Most important quality of Coil Binds?
Coil bindings are very durable & do not get smashed in the mail.


lamination supplyThermal Binding is often used by accounting agencies and tax preparers. The Thermal binding covers have a clear front cover or a cut out window to allow information to show through. The clear fronts & window let you customize each document to match with the client's information. Thermal Binding Machines are very easy to use. Just get the pre-made Thermal Binding Covers with the glue already in the spine, and put your sheets into the cover. Jog the sheets evenly, then place the completed folder into the binding slot of the thermal binder. Press the button on the machine and in about 50 seconds your book is perfect bound.

Thermal Binding Qualities: 
Thermal binding is the fastest binding style.
Thermal bound documents can be mailed easily without being damaged.
Thermal binding does not need holes punched on the paper.
Thermal binding makes a clean crisp looking document.

Thermal Binding Limitations:
Thermal bound books do not lay flat & do not open completely.
Thermal binding is not recommended for books over 1 inch thick (200 sheets of 20# paper).

What is the most important quality of a Thermal Binding?
Thermal binding is the fastest way to bind proposals & documents.

* OnlineSkyline.com Sells Only High Quality Book Binding Machines and Laminators.

We choose Binding Equipment, Laminators, Binding Supplies & Lamination that have been time tested to prove they are up to our standards.

We guarantee these book binding machines, laminators & supplies to be high quality and durable.

The equipment Online Skyline sells will produce great looking presentations for many years ensuring your business looks the most professional.


For personal service call: 1 (866) 455-9900

Or email us: 

Email: customerservice@onlineskyline.com  

We are available to help you from 6 AM - 6 PM PST.

Contact Info: 

Skyline Book Binding Machines & GBC Supplies 

1040 North Dutton Avenue, Suite A Santa Rosa, CA, 95401


Telephone: (707) 546-8300

Toll Free: 1-(866) 455-9900

Fax: (707)-540-8882

* We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best personal customer service and complete 100% satisfaction with their new Document Binding Equipment and Binding Supplies.

* Satisfaction Guarantee - Easy Returns, we guarantee all of our products and will replace any defective merchandise.

* Great Prices - We buy in volume direct from the manufacturers, to give you the most competitive pricing.

* Fast Shipping - We ship from the closest warehouse in your area to ensure timely delivery.

* Warehouse locations: New Jersey, Illinois, Virgina, Texas, Missouri & California.

* Knowledgeable Service - Our staff is knowledgeable in Graphic Arts, Book Binding, Finishing Equipment & GBC Binding Supply.

* For personal service call: 1 (866) 455-9900

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