Heat Resistant Clear Covers

Heat Resistant Clear Covers are made with a heat stable polyester that makes them compatible with thermal binding, whether you are using Thermal Glue Strips or FastBack machines. These heat proof plastic sheet covers are designed to not melt, warp, or bow during thermal binding. Pair them with our other Presentation Covers and you'll have a great looking book with a clean, clear front finish.

With a high melting point, these clear covers won't deform when thermal binding like regular clear covers. Thermal binding requires a bit of heat to properly bind, and you'll want to make sure you have these heat safe covers to ensure you don't have any issues while binding.

With the high quality clear polyester material, punching is just as easy as with your other covers, and so is binding. With the 7 mil thickness, these heat resistant clear plastic covers provide a great combination of weight and flexibility for all kinds of documents, books, reports, and more.

Have a question about thermal binding with heat resistant covers? Call one of our Thermal Binding Specialists for quick and friendly answers and help at 1-866-455-9900.

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