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If you have a Velobind or Binding Machine that needs repair please click on the Email Us Tab at the top of this page.

Put your complete address, Phone number, the make & model of your machine.

Tell us what is wrong with the machine & we will respond with an estimate for the service call. 

You can also call 1-866-455-9900 to set up an appointment.

Velobind & GBC systems are a 1 day delivery in New York, New York -212- Manhattan & Long Island. In New York Velobind & Velo strip sets, Velobinders#1, & Pre punched Velobind paper are sent to Manhattan legal book binders. Strip bind Velobind#170, & long Velobind strip sets are used in Yonkers law books. Soho: New York: law binding have 11 hole VeloBind paper & black plastic strip sets. As Velobind system one, is sent to Manhattan law binding offices. Other New York: Long Island cities like Freeport use GBC Wire machines. In Manhattan NY Silver shiny bind & gold colored binding loop wire is known as office wire or note book binding wire. This architect wire bind in is found in Brentwood & Patchogue books to show professional strong looking metal wire book bind. The Brooklyn book binding region is plastic 19 loop bind. The GBC C250 binder & C800 GBC binder makes rectangle 19 holes & bind plastic combs. New York: Manhattan: GBC book bind is strong with Curlox plastic GBC combs with logos & plastic spines with text print on spine. In Manhattan customized book backs with print & logos are used in binding reports. GBC spine with print are called cook book bind. These spine printed GBCs’ look great. Long Island office book binding clients use the Plastic coil binder-Akiles Coil Mac colored coil book making machine, Akiles Ruby coil plastic spring like coil binder & the Akiles Coil MacE Eelectric coil book binder. The Akiles 4-1 hole coil plastic binding is available in coil colors of plastic spiral coil, including clear book coil, purple coil book spines, red coil spines, silver coil binds, Teal color plastic coil spines, royal blue coil plastic binders, orange coil book binds, & yellow coil binders are often matched with customized clear plastic covers with shiny printed foil or frosted covers with foil or ink design. Ibico pouch laminators & GBA book machine distribution New York: Manhattan & GBC school 1.5 x 25” x 500” roll lamination & Heat seal laminate in South Hampton, & Sag Harbor, are common. Often school lamination rolls in Long Island are thin school roll lamination & GBC school grade laminators. These GBC machines & GBC- Docuseal Lamination supplies are sent to Long Island‘s schools & education laminating departments. Including elementary school GBC laminators in White Plains & Yonkers lamination stores. Docuseal laminators in Soho, and Docuseal hot lams in New York Long Island church lamination depts. Often Ledco laminators & River Head lamination is mixed with GBC rolls. Velobind & Velo strip sets 4 pin velobind & EVB Strip Sets, GBC delivers clear book bind, Spiral binding loop wire bind in gold book wire, copper shiny book wire & colors of book loop wire. In Freeport, shiny copper wire bind is the strong bind next to un-shiny or dull shine silver known as puter colored silver book wire. Shiny GBC double silver & brass book loop wire in Long Island is in the most professional reports. Brentwood NY copy & Yonkers supplies are often GBC products, including gbc roll lamination in Yonkers, Rhino-Tuff punch & Renz wire in Freeport NY. Skyline provides Velobinding systems & Hot Docuseal lam to New York: Long Island , GBC in River Head-GBC New York, GBA Yonkers NY, and the Greater, New York: Long Island Freeport, Levittown, New Rochelle, Brentwood, Patchogue, GBC pouch machine & supplies NY: GBC distributor area: Binding distribution in New York: Long Island on a resale-wholesale book supplies level, with Long Island printer wholesale prices. Wholesale book binding supply is available to all New York: Long Island bookbinding laminating office supplies stores, New York: Long Island wholesale office products stores. Now New York wholesale printer trade price gbc comb bind, & wholesale lamination stores have faster service. For New York: Long Island book binding products & GBC lamination supplies & GBC Parts Call 1-866-455-9900.